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Introducing Motivational Media 2018

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Welcome to the latest creation in the suite of Motivational Media Student Welfare Programs.


The 2018 production TAKE THE LEAD is set in an environment that has students following the journey of the presenter through three real Australian stories that help him through his own challenges.

Your audience will experience the cinematic quality of Motivational Media production that has come to be expected.

As normal, TAKE THE LEAD has been produced combining the best elements of modern movie & music video clips and an awesome backing soundtrack but now with an all-new style and flow of the feature, aimed at keeping audiences truly engaged with the content.

This new design has the audience engage with the presenter in a semi-storytelling as he embarks on his own unexpected journey running into confronting challenges aided by the examples of our key interviewees along the way.

As always, our interviewees represent a diverse cross-section from across Australia to represent the variety of culture, desires, and reflections that make up our great multicultural society. These everyday Australians share their history, struggles & failures that they had to personally overcome. The common theme is taking on a mentality of taking the lead, directing themselves despite the circumstances, not letting the circumstances direct them.

This year’s program designed to break the mould, the production along with the supportive in-class teacher resource guide, is aimed to help equip participants with a ‘toolbox’ of wisdom for taking the lead in life.

All the key themes important to Motivational Media programs are cover, useful for any school’s wellbeing educational requirements:

  • Drug and Alcohol awareness
  • Depression and mental health awareness
  • Making well thought and wise (experience -based) decisions and being able to recognise the critical decisions moments
  • Goal setting and Planning
  • Perseverance and Endurance through trial
  • Belief in oneself and others
  • Being community-minded (considering others, often before oneself)
  • Having a positive and light-hearted view of life



A young man of only 19, Jaiden’s story starts like so many, abusive alcoholics in his early life led him to find solace in the bottle himself which also led him to harder drugs. He knew his life was spiraling out of control and wanted out but didn’t know how to make a change in the face of heavy addiction.

The opportunity, however came along in the form of the Glen centre for rehabilitation, but it was Jaiden that had to take the lead, making the choice to join the program and to allow the Glen to help him make the change “loving him back to life”. Jaiden’s story paints a young man who had the bravery to move past his own past, abuse, neglect and personal substance abuse to rise out of the ashes and claim the freedom and healthy life we all desire.



As a modern celebrity and motivational speaker, you may think you know Turia’s story of an athlete caught in a bush fire that left her with major bodily burns. But the story goes on much further.

Turia shares with us the post-healing process challenges and the amazing achievements she has gone on to do despite people’s opinion of her capacities or the odds themselves.  Hers story demonstrates that to take the lead you first must believe in yourself, and proves that your circumstances only define you if YOU let them.

Ryan &Ollie


Ryan is someone we’ve met before in Motivational Media’s 2014 program: IMPACT. Back then Ryan circumnavigated the globe in his small plane and at 19, was the youngest to do so. But just like us all his story didn’t stop there.

Ryan’s life experiences since then have brought about incredible highs and unimaginable lows. These experiences led him to a new interest in mental health awareness. Ryan speaks regularly about the importance of positive mental health and an understanding of the tools required to maintain such a mindset.

Ollie’s story is a little like Ryan’s first adventure. In 2014, after watching as a school student at the time, Ryan on the IMPACT program, Ollie was inspired to do a little flying himself. Ollie decided to follow his hero’s footsteps and solo circumnavigate Australia in a small aircraft at the young age of 17! Why? He was so inspired by Ryan, he wanted to visit schools as he went to help inspire other students to go out and dream big as well. Ollie shares his challenges raising the money for his challenge and weathering the hurdles on the way to one’s goals.

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