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What are the influences that your students are confronted with on a daily basis?  Do your students encounter positive role models that challenge them to make good decisions for their lives?  Are you, as educators, devising your curriculum to empower your students with the skills necessary to avoid harmful behaviours and to make positive changes in their lives?

In a dynamic 40 minute audio-visual presentation reinforced with extensive resource materials, Motivational Media provides a very practical and useable package addressing issues like those above.  By partnering with Motivational Media you have the opportunity to provide a program that is out of the ordinary.

Motivational Media presents an opening for you to challenge the lifestyle, values and desires of your students in a non-threatening environment.  It allows you, the mentor to build open relationships with your students through discussion and practical problem solving situations.  Opportunities such as these influence lives and change behaviour and the results are remembered for a lifetime.

  • Dynamic Australian audio-visual presentation that challenges attitudes to life and encourages behavioural change
  • High-tech graphics and professional production that includes clips from the latest movies and chart-topping songs
  • Powerful and relevant music and interviews with known personalities and positive role-models
  • Realistic strategies for students to overcome stress, negative attitudes, low self-esteem and substance abuse and avoid or modify harmful or risky behaviours
  • An all-Australian 40 minute production supported by follow-up classroom resources encouraging open discussion

Are your students crying out for help?  Negative attitudes, drug and substance abuse, stress and performance burnout are commonplace in the lives of young Australians today.  Many of them have great potential but chances are they will never reach it.  They are crying out for help!  Contact Motivational Media today and find out how you can help motivate the students at your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

The development and production costs of Motivational Media are met through corporate sponsorships. The touring costs are met by schools either from their existing budgets or through student contributions. To find out about current rates, please contact us.

Yes. All our programs are complemented by a resource guide which provides suggestions for follow up lessons and activities.  PDF copies can be downloaded from the respective presentation pages (see the presentation boxes at the top of this page).

In addition, we have recently introduced extended video’s of each interview/story which is available only to those schools which have booked our program.  The password to these video’s is available from our technicians on the day of the presentation or by calling our office after the presentation.  The Password will not be available before the presentation.

The projected presentation runs approximately 40 minutes, plus an extra few minutes for any necessary introductions/conclusions. Allowing 50 minutes is usually ideal.  Please allow 2 hours (if room already darkened) before the presentation, for equipment to be set-up and 1 hour after to take it down. For multiple screenings at the same location, allow 5-10 minutes for students to leave/arrive.

Picture quality is best inside a dark room or hall — the darker, the better. However, the size of groups are also an important consideration.  We can blackout windows/skylights/doors if necessary and also have a lot of experience with screen-configurations that make use of whatever space is available.  For further information on different setup options, please visit our Contact page.

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