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  1. Register your interest by using the form below, or by calling our toll-free phone number (07) 3893 2833.  You will not be locked into any arrangement, but we would love to know you are considering our program so we can help you through the rest of the process.
  2. We will contact you at any time convenient to yourself to discuss the program and possible dates we are in your area.
  3. Consider timing and location
    1. What time of year would be best?
    2. Which rooms or facilities would work best for the presentation?
    3. Are these rooms or facilities available on the specific days you are considering?
  4. How would funding be raised for the presentation?  Call us to discuss the cost for your school or organisation.
    • Are you able to allocate some of your student welfare budget towards the program?
    • Could you require students to contribute $1-2 to participate?
    • Are there community groups such as the Lions Club, Rotary, Apex or a local church that could assist with funding or sponsorship?
  5. Call us to book your chosen date and time.
  6. Ensure the facilities are booked and that other users are made aware of the presentation.  Don’t forget to allow 2-hours minimum for setup before the presentation and 1 hour afterward.  If the setup time is prior to normal school hours, ensure the grounds manager or cleaners are aware of our need to access the venue.
  7. Consider using some of the on-line resource material in classes or pastoral care time leading up to the presentation so that students are already thinking through some of the issues and topics of the presentation.
  8. In order to challenge young people to make positive life decisions, Motivational Media’s programs raise issues which may be sensitive to some students. It is important for teachers and counsellors to create a supportive environment where students feel free to approach staff and discuss any responses they may have to the program.

Motivational Media tours all states and territories of Australia to bring its exciting programs to schools across the country. Different setup options are available to meet your school’s needs, in terms of number of students and size of venue.

For further inquiries about hosting a program in your school, please email us at or call us during business hours on (07) 3893 2833.

Setup Options

The best locations for running our presentation are where there is lots of space and where it can be dark.  Drama theatres and gymnasiums commonly work well.  We generally cannot run the presentation outside or in areas exposed to weather.

If either of these requirements are difficult, we have a lot of experience at workarounds.  All our teams carry black material for covering windows and skylights.  We can also arrange our screens in various configurations to best utilise the available space:

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